The Rules

How we turn chaos into more reasonable chaos.

1)     Failure is OK: The number one rule is the most important rule at Friday Nite Improvs.  The show runs on audience participation and the only thing stopping you from participating is the fear of failure.  But don’t worry about trying to be the funniest person in the room.  Come down on stage.  Have some fun.  If you fall flat, no biggie.  Failure is OK.  The only fear is fear itself.

2)     Welcome Rule: When anyone volunteers to come down on stage at FNI, they are to be welcomed with a round of applause.  Nobody gets paid to perform at our show; all the money goes to rent or charity.  So when an audience member comes down to entertain, this is the only way we have to thank them.  Also give ‘em another round of applause when they leave the stage.  They earned it.

3)     No Booing: Anyone caught booing has not only violated rule number one but has also shown what an incredible jerk they are.  Do not boo.  Booing is the only time performance becomes mandatory at FNI.  We’d like you to show the audience you could have done it better.  And you can’t.  Especially when we make you do it pantsless.

4)     Listening Rule:  The only way performers can create comedy out of nothing is by listening to each other on stage.  Listen to what your partner is saying because those are the building blocks you’ll need to build your scene.  Don’t act in a bubble.  And if you’re in the audience, listen to the people on stage.  Don’t chat with your neighbors, send text messages, or generally make a nuisance of yourself.  You came to see a show so give the performers your undivided attention.  They’d do the same if you were on stage.

5)     Keep it Tidy:  Make sure anything you brought into the theater finds its way out or into the proper waste receptacle.  This includes your friends.

6)     Wang Chung* Rule:  Everybody Have Fun Tonight!

*Don’t get it?  Google it.  Or better yet, Tube it.